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Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Break Cruise Anyone???


OK, so since I have become a RTA recently, I decided to start by planning a Spring Break Group Cruise. Here's the details/information:

I am wondering if there are any interested parties in taking a Mexico cruise over Spring Break week.


1. You should be from the West Coast area in order to save cost of traveling to the port.

2. The cruise is a Monday-Friday affair. 3/24-3/28, leaves from Long Beach.

3. It's on Carnival Cruise Line (Party boat!!) and leaves from Long Beach, stops at Catalina Island and Ensenada.

4. $475.03 per person which includes travel insurance, $426.03 per person without travel insurance. Must have 2 people to a cabin, if you are interested but it's only you, I can buddy you up with another person.

5. I believe they'll be a few people from RGP, 2p2, and some local friends where I live, perhaps a relative or two can go??

6. I need to know if anyone is really interested/serious in going, and if so, wouldyou be willing/able to book/pay (credit/debit card) by later today or tomm? What do you think? Let me know ASAP, I have a 24 hour hold on 5 cabins.

Anyone interested, email me ( travelwithmisst74 at yahoo dot com) or post a comment here, I'll give as many details as possible, just think it would be fun to set up a cruise for Spring Break

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

Eh, so it took me an extra day or two to post this but here it is!

Got the invite to join my friends from Phoenix, Lonnie and his girl Gail, at the RIO in Vegas for the Super Bowl. I figured, eh, why not...called my host and not only got a comped room but also got 2 wrist bands to go to their "Big Game" party.

It's held in one of their conference centers, held 3,000 people, about 20 HUGE screen TV's throughout the room, tons of free food and free booze, what more can you ask for? Um, how about another bracelet since there's 3 of us? Took some doing but my host came through, she's the best!

So we went to watch the game, it was awesome, had fun, was a great game but the best part, of course (ldo) were the commercials!! I actually made notes during the game of my favorite ones and as I mention them I will try to link them from YouTube.com.

1. My absolute favorite: "What is Love - Diet Pepsi Max"

2. "Fed Ex Pigeon" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycvf9E2cjRs

3. "Tide - Talking Stain" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgtfC5LBAW4

4. "Garmin: Napoleon" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnbKoZCeedM

5. "Planters - Ugly Girl" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4J52QaD6mw

6. "T-Mobile - Who's in your 5?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnYPJDpgLIw

7. "Doritos - Mouse Trap" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0nliPWaCvA

8. "SoBe - Thrillicious" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anLqu77uTH0

9. "E*Trade Baby" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vW9gUmooFg
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdfvWAp5GUw&feature=user

10. The ONE commercial that got a standing ovation, cheers and applause from the 3,000+ people watching the game:

"Budweiser - Horse in Training" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Bst68fGvg

So there you have it, my list of the top 10 commercials, these were by far the best ones and really, the only GOOD ones.


Any and all ads by SalesGenie.com sooooo stoopid, I'm not even linking them. Yucky yucky yuck.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Catching Up

You all are in luck, I'm actually planning on posting not one but TWO entries today, woot woot! This post will actually just get some of you caught up with what's going on in T's world.


Daughter is doing great, getting 3 A's and 1 B on her last report card. She has a new boyfriend, Larry, whom I adore and I also get along very well with his parents. They spend a lot of time together and since he's a Sophmore who's on the "popular" side, she's well know around the school now and they seem to be the "golden couple" of the school. Keep in mind there's only a student population of about 500-600, so it's not like my high school of 3K where you can go 4 years without knowing anyone!


Business is going good in the medical billing field. The last new client I got, back in 4/2007 is really starting to take off, doing way better then I ever thought she would. My three contractors are still doing exceptionally well and I'm not quite sure where I would be if it weren't for them.


Since business has been going well, I've decided, yet again, that it's time to persue other interests so I became part of the YTB family, making me a RTA, which is Registered Travel Agent. That's right folks, I decided to do a little part time work and in exchange I get tons of great travel deals and FAM trips, which are "Familiarizing" trips which RTA's get at RIDICULOUS prices in order to recommend those trips to future or current clients/customers. I'll make another post in a day or two with links and more information, that way if anyone who reads my blog travels or knows people who do, you can book off of my website. It works JUST like Expedia.com or Orbitz.com, so it would be easy to compare prices and know that you're getting the best deal out there. More info to follow soon.


We've had another set back with the ex-husband. Bill had a very rough day in December and decided to check out of life again. I last spoke to him through email on 1/8/08, but then got a phone call from the Kingman police department that a friend in town had called and asked them to do a Welfare Check. Since I was his ex-wife they wanted to know if I'd heard from him, what his status was, etc. etc.

So I called him and he called me back within 5 mins, which is what he usually does...screens his calls then calls back only the people he wants to talk to. Apparantly for 2 weeks in Jan, I was that "one" person. Sigh. So not only did I have to deal with him and his eccentricies but I also had to deal with his ex-girlfriend, his father, his stepmother, his best friend, his friends in town.....it was enough to either drive me crazy or piss me off.

Then on 1/23 I'm at his landlords getting another key to his house so I can get the Kingman Police entry into his house to check for his dead body. While there he calls me for the last time and tells me he will be in Kingman the next day to take care of rent and the car payment. Apparantly he hasn't been paying any of his bills since the end of Nov/early Dec including rent. You guessed it, he never showed up and from that point on, refused to return my calls despite my threats and in fact his voicemail filled up by Wednesday 1/30 and was turned off completely (non-payment) by 2/2.

So on 1/29-2/1 I had the pleasant task of packing up his house and placing everything into a storage unit. I spent over $1k (that I really didn't want to be spending) to get his stuff into storage so that the landlord couldn't call it "abandoned property" and sell it. It also prevented her from putting an actual "eviction" notice on his credit report as I voluntarily gave her the keys to his house when we were done. What a pain in the ass those few days were. Have you ever packed a house of someone who wasn't planning on moving, and doing it in 2 days? It's tough.

We had filed a missing person report on 1/28 and since he's an adult, that's all we could do. They were able to put "mental illness" on the file but apparantly if you don't want to be found, you don't have to be found. So almost two full weeks go by and I'm going on with my business and life but have to stop it every time I get a phone call from a friend or family member. Which really got annoying because WHY ME??. I'm his EX wife, not his current wife, not his girlfriend, I'm DONE with him and his life so why am I the key center of this??

Anywho, to wrap it up. I get a call yesterday AM 2/9, from the Kingman police dept who got a call from the Maricopa County Sheriff's office that they've been in contact with him and he told them that he didn't want to talk to anyone and so they left him alone. However, his father got involved, called the Sheriff's office and they told him where they had seen him, at a rest stop area near Wickenburg, apparantly he had been there for about 3 days with no food, no gas, and no money. I still don't understand...instead of calling a loved one to ask for help what was he planning on doing, starving himself to death out in the middle of the desert, 15 miles from his dad's house? So. Stupid.

Anyways, so his dad went and picked him up, took him back to his house and that's where he's at now. Not sure what he plans on doing with his life now, because he seriously fucked it up. NO clients will talk to him ever again, as they've already given him a chance before, when he "checked out" of life after we broke up, he's probably going to be sued by several of them for not doing work he was already paid for and can't do because his computer not only crashed but it's in storage now anyways. I guess a retail job is in order now.

The last detail is the car he's in. We bought 2 cars together when we were married and they're both in both of our names. We agreed that we would each take one and then continue on payments as normal. I warned him last year though, when I was paying his bills that if he stopped paying and I had to step in AGAIN, then the car is MINE and I would reposses it. I'll be DAMNED if I pay for a car for him to drive around in because he doesn't want to be bothered with life or with working. I may sound callous and hard hearted, but you can only put up with so much and in the case of dealing with a mentally diseased person, if they refuse to help themselves, why should I step in and help them?

You can't help someone who won't help themselves.

As you can see, it's been a pretty rough last two weeks and while I've tried so hard not to let it get to me, eventually it does wear a soul down. I still took time out to go to Vegas for a Super Bowl party though, so that thread is coming up next!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone Out There?

Just wondering if anyone still even checks my blog since it's been so long since I've posted and even then, I was posting sporadically.

Give me a shout out if you're still hanging around, now that my book is almost completed, I'm not so burned out with writing and will be updating my blog like MAD.


News about the ex-husband (divorce was finalized in 11/07).
Updates about the daughter.
News about another new business venture I'll be experimenting in.
Updates about the book and when it should be available/published.

LOTS going on in my life, pretty weird actually, you would think my life would be calm now but still on the gogogogo.

Will update again within a few days......


Thursday, January 10, 2008

LOLCATZ, love em

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today we leave for California, specifically Palm Springs area. Shopping ALL day long on Saturday, Disneyland on Sunday, back home on Monday, then probably Laughlin on Tuesday for Christmas movies and Christmas Dinner.

Have a wonderful holiday season and take care of yourself! Will post pics of trips and other stuff when I return!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Season!

Christmas is almost upon us and I am 99% done with my Christmas shopping. Only last thing to do is to run to Safeway to buy a few gift certificates from their gift certificate wall. Cherissa and I ran to Vegas for a quick and last shopping trip. She brought her friend Larry with her and we hung out shopping for about 4 1/2 hours before finally heading home. That was a long day!

The family recieved some awesome news this weekend and that's that my dad finally proposed to his g/f Colleen, now fiancee ldo, and she happily accepted! I'm very happy for them both as I think they are great together and although I don't know Colleen that well, I feel I know her well enough to know that she will be great for my dad, and vice versa. I will admit to being extrememly disappointed though that I don't get to go to the actual wedding as it will take place on a cruise that he's had planned for a long time, right after Christmas. Well, at least it gets them married before the year is over for tax purposes and they will hold a reception when they get back. Although I was upset when I first heard about it, as I would REALLY like to be there, I'm over it now and wish them nothing but the best and a wonderful day that will be theres forever.

My sister Corrie called me and told me that she found a condo to buy, you GO girl! So she's happy to be moving and getting her own place, but Lorrie is missing her built in babysitter already, LOL.

I will be in Palm Springs from 12/21-12/24 for Christmas, anyone out there who wants to meet up, let me know. I already plan, hopefully, to run into Slim1Der, Omaholic, and will spend time with my best friend, Guido. I, of course, will also stop by and see my sister Jennifer and her family for a little bit, drop off gifts, etc etc. then Cherissa and I will be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then it's back to work as not only is it end of month but end of year as well. Then we'll be going to Vegas for New Years as tradition dictates with friends Lonnie, his girl Gail, and Omaholic is going with his wife Cheryl as well. This will be the 3rd year, so it's tradition now and I plan on continuing it for as long as possible!

Hope everyone is doing well in their lives/jobs/home/health/holidays and have a great next couple of weeks!!